Prepping a VM for VMWare VDI

by John C. Wray III Wednesday, December 16, 2015 5:21 AM

Creating a new desktop from scratch. I create a new VM using the typical settings. I pick the OS, nic (VMXNET3), thin provision the hard drive. I then go into the setting before powering it on. Edit the memory and vCPU count. Change the boot options to dump you in to the BIOS when you power it on.

I also change the SCSI Controller type to VMware Paravirtual.

Next attach a floppy driver to load while you install so you can see the hard disk.

I used this for a windows 7 install.

Attach the CD iso and boot the VM. You should go into the BIOS screen. Disable the com and parallel ports and save. Next you will go into the OS install. Next until you get the Where do you want to install Windows screen. You will need to add a driver. Browse to your A: drive, then the subfolder. You should eventually get the ParaVirutal adapter loaded. At that point should see your hard drive. Hit Shift+F10 to bring up a command prompt.

Type these commands

  1. diskpart
  2. select disk 0
  3. convert GPT
  4. clean
  5. create partition primary size=400
  6. active
  7. format fs=ntfs label="System Reserve" quick
  8. create partition primary
  9. format fs=ntfs label="OS_Drive" unit=8192
  10. assign
  11. exit
  12. exit

Click on the refresh button to update the partitions, select OS_Drive and install normally. Install the tools once you get up to a desktop to get network connectivity.





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