Migrated Exchange Resouces not sending out notifications

by John C. Wray III Friday, October 17, 2014 8:48 AM

I had migrated resource rooms from exchange 2007 to exchange 2013 and they were not sending out a reason when a meeting was declined. When someone would try to schedule something and there was a conflict you should get an email explaining what the conflict was. We had to set the attribute msExchModerationFlags to 6 to get that working again. It came over as unset. This could also be scripted if you had a lot of these to change. Safer to do it manually though.

So you will need to logon to a domain controller and run adsiedit. Connect to the default naming context. Expand out domain and click on the Resources folder. You should see all of the resources on the right pane.

Find your room, right click and properties. Click on the filter button and make sure show attributes with properties is not checked.


Scroll down until you find msExchModerationFlags. If the value is not set or isn’t set to 6 change it and apply.

The Resources should start responding normally now.





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