Changing the drive size of a VM on a host managed by vCenter when vCenter is offline

by John C. Wray III Friday, October 17, 2014 8:17 AM

The scenario was the VM that had the SQL backend for vCenter ran out of drive space, SQL services stopped, and then eventually vCenter services stopped on the vCenter server.  If the host the VM you want to expand the drive on is managed by vCenter you will not be allowed to change the drive size from the host. You have to modify the vpxa.cfg file and remove the reference to the vcenter and the restart services.

Open a vSphere client direct to the host the VM you need to modify is running on.
You can go into the security settings, start SSH, open an SSH session.
Once you are logged in cd to /etc/vmware/vpxa
do an ls –l and you will a file called vpxa.cfg
Back it up as a just in case, do a cp vpxa.cfg vpxa.cfg.bak or whatever you like to use for your backups.
vi vpxa.cfg and towards the bottom you will see a section for server ip address.
Something like this: <serverIp></serverIp>
Just remove that ip address and save the file :x
next you will need to restart services. This take longer than you would think. :) restart
Once that finishes you will need to log back into that host. You will be able to change the drive sizes now.
Next I went back and copied my .bak over to the original and did a restart again.
I expanded the drives inside the VM OS, rebooted, rebooted the vcenter server.
I was good to go and the host was back in the cluster.



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