Install ESXi 5 from a USB Flash Drive.

by John C. Wray III Friday, September 19, 2014 11:52 AM

Install ESXi 5.x from a USB Flash Drive.

1.       Download an older version of SYSLINUX because the newer version won’t work in this case. (

2.       Extract the zip somewhere on your computer.

3.       Download the current iso for ESXi 5.x install.

4.       Extract the ESXi 5 installable ISO to a folder.

5.       Format your flash drive with FAT32.

6.       Open a command prompt (Open as admin if you are a ‘tard and haven’t  shut off UAC)

7.       Navigate to where you extracted the SYSLINUX zip file from step one.

8.       Navigate to the win32 subfolder (Syslinux\syslinux-3.75\win32)

9.       Execute this command syslinux –mfa F: (F: is the drive letter assigned to your flash drive, could be anything.)

10.   Copy the contents of the folder for the ESXi 5 install you expanded from the iso.

11.   Rename two files:

a.       ISOLINUX.CFG gets renamed to SYSLINUX.CFG

b.       ISOLINUX.BIN gets renamed to SYSLINUX.BIN

12.   Boot from USB and install ESXi 5 much quicker. J



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